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This is a webcomic with rage comics surrounding real events in my life. NOTE: these comics are for jokes and laughs and should not be judged (but if you wanna still bitch then why are you here in the first place, you knew what you were gonna expect in the tittle's picture)

UPDATES: ***Normal Schedule: Once A Week or Once Every Second Week (depending on schedule)***

Latest Comic:

Water gun Rage
Water gun  Rage

New Site Layout

I changed the layout of the site just to give it a change and to have a different appearance from the usual layout. I'm just going to do this for a month or so as a test and if it works I'll keep it, also you can leave your comments about what you think of the new layout change or if you preferred the old layout.


Holy crap we're on Tumblr now, click the link and check it out http://mytrolllife.tumblr.com

New Update Coming Up

Due to exams my schedule has been packed so I haven't had the time to get a comic together, but a new one will be on its way this Saturday on the 21st

Troll On~


Mystery Project

New Mystery Project to be released some time next week! (^U^)

New Banner!

Figured it was time I switched it up

(One problem I have with Smackjeeves is the fact that the banner has to remain between a certain amount of dimensions, which begins to ruin the quality of the banner and make it look pixely)

New Comic

New comic will be out this Monday the 3rd

New Poll Up

Check it out in the "Tiny Extra" section

We'll be Right Back!

My Troll Life is going on a small break and will be back February 1st, 2014

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